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Josh & Victoria's Wedding 12-5-98

Josh & Victoria Barber United as one on December 5th 1998

Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love knows no jealousy, gives itself no false airs or false pride. Never irritated, Love is guided by goodness, always eager to believe the best, always hopeful..

**Wedding Info**

We met on August 15th, 1996

Josh asked me to marry him on Dec. 21st, 1996

We were married on Dec. 5th, 1998

*Here we are officially Mr & Mrs Barber*
   December 5th, 1998

"Final Prayer"

         Father, we thank you for this Beautiful day and thank you
       for Joshua and Victoria. We thank you Lord you have brought
    them safely this far on their journey. We pray that as you joined
   their hand and hearts together to become husband and wife that you
      will bless them. Pray that you will give them strength and 
     courage as they face all the task and decision that lie before
   them. We also pray Lord that you bless these rings that he and she
   wear and may they ever hide in your peace living together in unity,
          love,and happiness with good purpose to do your will. 
                 This we pray in your name, AMEN


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