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I wanted to add this page because I found this poem when I was pregnant with our baby girl; Maylea after losing 3 angelbabies.. I printed this poem out, framed it and set it by my computer.. I had days of ups and downs and more downs then anything. I was scared to death of losing another child and this poem put my heart & soul at ease.. I want to thank the man who wrote this poem you are truly heavens messenger =) You made me at ease throughout my pregnancy.. The phrase each small success a Victory oh man my husband and I thought this each time we had a scare and found out that our baby girl was hanging on tight.. The day we had her I put that poem into her keepsake box =) Thank you so much!! My heart goes out to all of you who have experianced a loss of a child.. Lots of hugs!! If you are currently trying after losing a child.. Please do not give up.. Print this poem out and when you are having a hard day read it, it does help =)) Love always, Victoria Maylea dob 10.14.00 3 angelbabies up above
With Calendar In Hand While clutched in breathless wonder, two prayerful cries are voiced. With tear-stained cheeks, their strength unfolds; their courage and hope are poised. Their unborn child, so cherished; each heart-beat heard, a joy. Comfort found in hearing, a healthy girl or boy. With calendar in hand, days are counted into weeks. Each small success, a victory, turns valleys into peaks. Oft times, a lesson is hidden, and we think it isn't there; But God, always creates a blessing, from the trials that we bear. (c) P. Arrel Tidwell, RN All Rights Reserved

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