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Poem my mommy wrote for me

"My Precious Maylee"


  My Precious Maylee
  You are my life
 When I look at you, 
everything seems so right.

  My Precious Maylee
God has made our dream come true,
Because I sit here holding onto you.
I thank him each and every day;
Because I have my Maylee here today.
It was a struggle, This is true,
But it was all worth it for us to have you.
I think each and every day,
How I cherish just to watch you play.

  My Precious Maylee
  you are my life
When I look into those big blue eyes,
I know that everything will be all right.

  My Precious Maylee
   You are my world
With those cute chubby cheeks 
 and adorable lil nose,
Oh, how I love to see that sweet baby glow.
Your mommy loves you from your head to your toes.


Copyright owned to Victoria Barber 2001

        I (Victoria) Wrote this poem for Maylea on her 
     5 Month birthday =) Just wanted to share it with our 
    friends & Family.. 

V. Barber
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