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Maylea Is 9 Months old! WOW!!!

     Hi there!! Do you like my Funny face!?? I sure do! I go around 
our house making these funny faces all day long, haha!! My mommy & 
daddy just laugh at me the whole time. They think it is cute! 

AND..... Another one of my famous funny faces *Wink*

Okay, now my mommy thinks she should update you all on how I'm doing these days. Well, as you know I'm 9 months old (7/28/01) Can you believe it!? Whoa!! (notice picture below) I have a THIRD toothy! it is my upper left incisor, waaahoooo!! I get to eat even more yummy table foods now! Mommy & daddy share their food with me these days and I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT! hehe. I have begun taking my first few unassisted steps! can you believe it? I can, I want to get into everything I possibly can, hehe!! Just call me Miss. Grabby fingers! =) I now say mama or mom for my mommy instead of just saying it to say it. I have found a new confusion in the world. Okay, Why do I see my daddies picture on the wall if he isn't here? Could somebody answer me this question???? My mommy is always telling me that is daddies picture when I look up on our wall and say dada. Then, she tells me dada is at work. I just don't get it! He is here!! I SEE HIM! haha!!! Well, okay lets move onto more pictures. Here is the picture that my mommy took when she said I was officially 9 months old! Notice picture below please =))
Whoa.... I just cannot believe that mommy!

Here is my mommy & me. G'ma took it when we were both looking away, can you believe it.. hehe!! Hey, it is chore getting me to look at that silly camera! I know what is going to happen. I'm going to be BLINDED I tell ya!! hehe

Okay, so this next picture shows you just how the Above phrase where I said, "Just call me Miss. Grabby fingers Tells the truth!
I love to play with my daddies shoes, Yum Yum! Scrumptious!!!! Btw please dont mind my hairdo. Mommy put my hair in braids and when she takes them out this is the ending style, hehe.
************************************************** The following two pictures are my mommies favorite that she took of me =) She says it shows my natural beauty & personality.

Okay, My mommy says, "This smile says it all."

This is what I truly enjoy doing all day. Playing with our kitty, Oreo! He chases me and I think it is too funny!!

I also like to play with my vroom vroom car that g'ma bought me! At first it scared me because of the popping noise but can ya tell I love it now! My mommy & daddy play with it on the floor and chase me and I just crack up the whole time.

Okay, my mommy has loaded this page up with new pictures taken on 7/26/01. We hope you enjoyed them! She sure enjoys taking them. I go to my doctor check-up on Tuesday July 31st so we'll have an update on this page then.. Sending you tons of babyhugz!! Muah!!!!!

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