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    Me & my minnie! G'ma bought her for me on 7/10/01 when mommy was 
getting her hair done =) I love her.. she sings a cute song about 

    I cannot beleive Maylea is 9 months old!! Makes me want to cry 
but she is such a gift!! I love waking up to her each morning even 
when not getting any sleep the night before.. she is well worth it 
all!! As maylea gets older she has such a little personality! She now 
dances with mommy not after the music is done..haha!! I love it!! She 
can walk a few steps, stand there and balance all by herself! Such a 
big girl!!! She can now hold onto a frenchy fry and eat it instead of 
gagging every few bites.. She is such a good baby in restraunts now 
that she gets some of the yummy food too..hehe!! Lets see here Maylea 
9 month doctor check-up is on the 31st so I'll be adding another 
update but that is it for now.. We've began planning her birthday 
party since it is only 3 months away! Daddy & Mommy want to do her 
first so special weither she'll remember it or not..haha!! 
One of the main things we're doing is buying her her own cake to Play 
in =)) Now, just have to come up with a theme she'll like! *wink* 

    Maylea & her g'pa =) This is my mommies daddy! She thought it was 
an adorable picture and had to share. 

    Boy is she in deep thought or what!? haha!! Sorry the picture is 
soo dark but I was out in the daylight and so didn't use flash =( 

    My mommy & me.. Was I looking or thinking? hmm =)

    Touch down!? haha!! Wonder if it was a touchdown or she gives up!? 

    I was running down the lil hill in the backyard with my mommy =)
I love walking =)) When, I get good I'm OFF!! haha! I think it is 
funny when mommy or daddy chases me because I'm so fast! hehe 


     I entered Maylea into The prettiest Baby Photo Contest for the 
Little Miss/Mr America and she won for Oregon, Congratulations Baby!! 
 *This picture was tooken at 7 months old*

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