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    8 months old! Maylea is getting so big!! She is currently about 
16 Ibs & 29 Inches tall =) Almost 2 ft! Sheesh!!! She is doing 
fantastic!! Really keeping mommy on her feet while daddy is at 
work..hehe! She is crawling now and into EVERYTHING!! Her favorite 
thing is to chase our dog (lil peekapom-Teddy) & get into our Cd's!! 
LOL!! She is saying mama,dada,baba,nini,nana & if you give her her 
baba she'll say baba =) it is sooo cute!! I think she is starting to 
associate words with what they mean!! She is now pulling up to 
standing all by herself =) She has had a few sick moments though - 
for example she ate some puppy food the other day before I caught 
her.. GROSS!! She thought that was pretty nasty!! haha!! needless to 
say she stays away from the dog food these days..hehe =)) She road 
her first carousel recently and had a ball - her daddy was a little 
white about the 3rd time around though.. wish I would have tooken a 
picture!! HAHA!!! But that's about it until Next month's update =) 
Hope you enjoy her new pictures!! These were tooken on June 12th-27th, 2001 =)  HUGS! 

     I love to dance!! Get down & boogy!! My mommy dances with me all 
the time =) That was what I was doing here but trying to ignore 


Waaahoooo More toys!! You should have seen the trunk on the way home!! This was only the beginning =) I already have a toddler bed waiting for me and lets just say you cannot even see the bed!! hehe

HELP ME!!!!!! I'm smooth eh? Tons of laughs for mommy & daddy!!

Okay, I'm ready to go now!!! Lets go mommy =) ****************************************************************

   Here's my mommy & me beside our pond we just put it in last month. 
I love to watch the fishies - we have goldfish, Pond comets & koi but 
I like the Pond comets the best. They glow!!! hehe 

   My daddy & me - My mommy always gets natural ones of daddy & me 
but daddy isn't into taking pictures so he says lets get it over 
with..haha!!! Don't we look sweet!? I sure love my daddy =) 


Thanks for coming by & watching me grow!! My mommy will add more pictures for 9 months!! So, check back for those around July 14th, 2001!! YIKES!!!!! =)) babyhugz from me to you! Luva, Maylea

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