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"Maylea's 7 months old"

   Wow! 7 months already!! Maylea now weighs 15  Ibs & she 
   is 27  inches tall.. Maylee now says, dada, baba, nana & Finally
  mama! haha!! She is creeping, sits up as long
   as she'd like without falling over, She has also mastered getting
 into & out of the sitting position all by herself!! She's very fond
 of those banana cookies by Gerber - Her Fovorite!! She can hold her
 own baba and drink's about 6oz every 3-4 hrs even though I rather
   Hold and feed my sweetie pie.. hey she is growing too dang fast!
   I want to cherish it as long as I can.. She is sleeping 9 to 11  
   hrs straight a night now & she normally takes about 2 - 1 to 2   
   hour naps even though some days she only wants 1 nap..
    It is so sad to see our precious maylee getting big so fast
   but I have to say that she is sooo much fun now!! Tomorrow
   we're taking her to the beach so it should be fun.. Every day is 
   filled with tons of laughs, hugs & Giggles!!

Thank you so much for stopping in and reading about our beautiful baby girl; Maylea =)) Maylee's 8 month pictures & updates will be added around June 8-26th 2001 - so come back soon! =)

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