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Maylea 6 month's

"Maylea 6 Month's old!"

   Hi there! My mommy took this picture of me recently at 
  6 months old =)

    Here we are 6 months old! Now, I just wonder where did the
  time go!? People were always warning me how fast our baby girl
  would grow up but I just blew it off and thought to myself, ya
 okay.. But here we are 6 months and growing.. ugh!! Well, just
 thought I'd let everyone know what our maylee is up to these 
 days =) She is now eating banana's all by herself (of course 
  with supervision) and she can sit up all by herself! She ALSO has 
  2 very pretty teeth that have popped through!! waaahoooo Maylea!!  
  She is our precious Joy =) Please cont to check in as every month 
 I try to get a few moments to add some new photo's =) She has her 
 7 month pictures being tooken on May 26th =))

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