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Maylea 3 months

Maylea 3 Months!!

    Mommy, May I ask what you are doing & What is 
         that thing you are holding!? =) 
       I swear maylee has the biggest personality =))

       Hey, do you know what my daddy was doing with me
 in this picture!? He was dancing with me & singing to me!
              hehe.. he is the best daddy in the whole wide world!! 
 I love to dance!! =))

Okay, 3 months!! Ouch! Maylee is getting so smart.. she can now roll front to back & This month was her first haircut but of course mommy forgot to save it in my baby keepsake box.. go figure! hehe.. Oh well, it won't be long before she'll have to cut it again.. At the very beginning of this month we finally got to hear our sweet baby girl giggle for the first time.. It wasn't just a giggle for no reason she was laughing at our puppy; Teddy.. It was the sweetest thing!!

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