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Maylea 2 months

"Maylea is 2 months"

         Ahh our precious maylee.. 
    This is the first professional picture she had taken =) 
   I think they turned out very good but if you only knew what 
   we went through to get her hair to semi lay down..haha!! 

Above is the Picture mommy snapped on Christmas day before we opened all them wonderful presants..haha!! The main reason was to show me later on how tiny I was =) Mommy also saved my first outfit which is preemie size for my baby keepsake box! But, mommy & daddy say that the picture turned out sooo cute they had to share it with all of you.. So, do you like it?

      Our sweet little Angel; Maylee =)) 
    Mommy made my halo & Grandma bought me the dress with wings..

     "Our little family on Christmas eve"
      You may be wondering what is up with my outfit
      Well, It has bear ears on it & it's a bit big..

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