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Maylea is 10 months old!!

*Please be patient as I've gone camera happy*

Here Maylea is.. My mommy bought a camcorder so I have a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot of me, haha!! She loves this picture =)


They WON!!! I entered my father & Maylea into a me & my grandma/papa online photo contest and they took first place! I'm so very happy for them.. This truly made my father more excited then you could possibly know. We love you dad/g'pa!!!

Okay, now what am I doing here? Hmm, Oh yeah.. I'm playing with a flower..

Me again - WOW! 4 of me.. hehe =))

"Playing, playing, playing"
Who do YOU think I look more like? Some say my mommy & Others say I look more like my daddy..
I sure luva my daddies cap, hehe. I am always snagging it from him.. Sorry daddy - I love you!
This is me at the fair we went to.. I really liked my stuffies..
What do I enjoy doing....... MY favorite thing to do is.. READ!! =)) I know I cannot read yet But it is still fun to try =)
This is my next favorite thing to do.. I just learned to walk in the last month and boy can I get around fast!! See, I was running & fell that is what I was doing in the bottom picture, hehehe! I do that a lot =)

My mommy likes this one..


GUESS WHAT MY MOMMY & I GOT TO DO!? We got to meet another Octmommy from our online octmommy group =)) It was a lot of fun.. I really enjoyed seeing another little girl my age. We're friends now. Love you Gretchen!!!!

And another one of my friend...Mommy & me are on the left hand side of these pictures..


Mommy please NOMORE pictures =)))
Okay sweetie, no more pictures! hehe.. Can you believe my little Munchkin is a year in only 2 months!?!?! I cannot! She is a walker now, has 6 toothies in =)) and just so much fun!! She is sure a goofy girl as you can see from all the pictures =)) I hope you enjoyed them.. Stop in again & I'll try to update pictures often.. Also, Feel free to have a peek at our other pages listed below. HUGS!!!
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