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Our favorite Links

"Our Favorite Links"

*Misc pages that we enjoy*

Come Join Octmommies2000- great group!! I'm the owner so if you have any questions please do email me and ask..
SOULsCLub- for ladies who've sadly miscarried
----------------------------------------------------- Babycenter
I Also Host at babycenter so come visit those boards =) Temperature charting patterns to help you conceive or avoid a pregnancy
Oct 2000 babies
Pregnant for the first time ------------------------------------------------------
Help w/ HTML-CSS-JAVA & More
Anne Geddes Photo's, poker, BJ
Our Friends Home pages! Go Visit them =)
My Sister-Kindra
Tabitha & her beautiful girls
Jenn & her beautiful daughter; Rayne
Eva's families page - she just had a baby girl; Gretchen born Oct. 2000 =)


   Do you enjoy putting your children in Online Photo contests!? 
   Here's a few I enjoy =) If you know of any please pass the links 
 my way! =)) Email Me Thanks! 

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Princess Lindseys Photo contest
Adorable faces
Precious Lil Teddy bears
Show me your baby

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