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We hope you'll take the time to read on and let us share our beautiful story with you..

Belly 20 wks along

This pregnancy began with a lot of worries about miscarrying since I had experianced 3 previous miscarriages.. At about 6 wks I began spotting red as you could prob already figure I freaked out.. went into my OB/Gyn and she ran a quantitive beta blood test then she told me that I'd have to wait atleast 24 hours before getting my results back so I went home to try and rest and not think about the spotting well that didn't work out very well.. Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard the phone ring and my heart dropped.. It was my ob/gyn. She was calling to let me know that my HCG levels were wonderful! WAAAHOOOOO! I still continued to bleed but suddenly had a calm feeling knowing My HCG levels were 130,690 at 6 wks, very high for 6 wks. Any ways, my doctor said that the bleeding is unexplained and to try to remain positive and we'd do an ultrasound the next day.. I went in the next day and there was our babies heartbeat beating away!! Tears started pouring down my face.. At that time my doctor told me that since we saw a healthy heartbeat that I had a very small chance of miscarrying at this point.. whew! I continued to spot from 6 wks through 15 wks but at 12 wks I woke up to a pool of bright red blood!! literally looked like I had been cut open! My husband took me to the emergency room (because we just knew we had lost our 4th baby) In the emergency room they listened for the heartbeat since I was 12 wks and sure enough there it was!!!! I got to listen to her little heart.. What a BEAUTIFUL sound!! I'll never forget that! From then on things were moving right along - however my morning sickness lasted until I was 24 wks along.. UGH! Which was not one of my best memories of being pregnant, haha! Things were moving right along Until..

At 26 wks I noticed that I was having contractions but at first thought it was just braxton-hixx contractions and nothing more.. Well, they were around 5 minutes apart at 2pm and continued until my husband got home from work which was around 2am so he suggested we make a visit to the hospital. When I got there my doctor checked me and said that things haven't change so I could go home.. whew! She did however place me on light bedrest at this point..

The next few weeks were just moving right along with hardly any problems.. Had my baby shower put on by my wonderful husband at 27 wks which was the best day! I truly enjoyed myself..

32 weeks along

At 30 wks we had another scare which put us back in the hospital to be monitored for preterm labor. When my doctor checked my contractions they were 3 minutes apart.. However she said that my cervix was still closed but it appeared to be effaced so she wanted me to see a specialist for an intense ultrasound to measure my cervix so we could tell how far effaced it was.. So, that next morning my husband and I were off to have that test ran.. Well, the test showed that my cervix was 50% effaced! So, I went home and received a phone call from my ob/gyn saying she wanted me to start on brethine to stop contractions and from this point on I was on strict bedrest. So, that's what I did.. A few days later I received another call from my doctor (she was wonderful very caring and willing to do whatever it took to give us our baby) well she wanted me to go Back to the specialist and have a test ran (fetel-fibronecton-ffn) This test will show weither or not you are likely to deliver in the next 2 wks.. The test said that I wasn't likely to deliver in the next 2 wks so I was allowed off strict bedrest but still on light bedrest. At 36 wks I was told I could quit taking my medication to prevent labor. So, I did just this! haha! I was now ready for my little one!

3 days before I had Maylea

Oct. 12th 2000 (a thursday) at 37w3d, I had a doctor appt and at that appt I found out that I was a fingertip dilated & 90% effaced.. I was a bit frustrated to say the least.. I was hoping after all my preterm labor things would be ready to rock and roll after I was allowed off my medication.. What I didn't know was that my doctor wanted me to come in that following Tuesday to be induced because my Amniotic Fluid levels were to low detected at my 36 wk ultrasound! So, after my appt my husband and I went out to Denny's. We talked about how next week we would have a baby.. It was the most enjoyable day because we knew we'd have her on tuesday at the latest! What we didn't know were the Plans Miss Maylea had for us!!

Oct. 13th 2000 (A Friday) was my parents 21st anniv and they both went out well before they left they stopped in & said to us, you know what would be the best gift ever? To have Maylea on their anniv, haha! Well, all day long I had not one contraction and I was a bit bummed but I knew I'd have her on tuesday! That evening it was a full-moon (you know the old saying) any ways, knowing that My husband and I wouldn't be able to fool around for atleast 6 wks after that tuesday we decided to mess around,haha! With the added benefit of my ob/gyn saying that sometimes intercourse will get things ready if your body is ready.

Oct 14th 2000 (saturday) at about 7:30AM I woke up because I felt a trickle but didn't really think anything of it, went to the restroom and went back to bed.. At about 900AM I felt another trickle and this time my eyes opened bright and I just knew! HAHA!! Woke my husband up and said maybe you should call the hospital.. Even though I didn't feel any contractions and didn't feel any differant at this time. He decided to call any ways and just let them know (at this time they knew us by first name from all the preterm labor.. no kidding!) Well the nurse told him to have me hop in the shower with him and see if it brought any contractions on well the second my foot hit that hot water...BAM there they were!! HAHA! They were instantly only 3 minutes apart! Well, I got out of the shower at about 10AM.. My husband kept insisting that we best get on the road because the hospital I had to deliver at was 45 minutes away.. I wanted to get my hair and make-up done first though.. At this time he called my mom As soon as she walks through our door at about 1030AM she asks, "baby time!?!" I said well I don't know don't get your hopes up! Well, in the car I would grab onto her (oh Sh*t bar..LOL! through contractions but not say a word) My husband asked how far apart my contractions were I said Im not sure but my mom jumped in and said, "Oh, they're about 1-2 minutes apart.. oh crap, oh crap!" haha! As you can tell my mom thought she would be delivering my baby on the highway.. When we pulled up to the hospital my husband insisted I let somebody wheel me in but I refused! So, I walked down the hall when all of a sudden another contraction hit right as the nurse asked, "how ya doing sweetie?" at that time I started to cry.. UGH! Talk about pressure when you are standing up, haha!! She walked me to my room and had me put my gown on.. I kept apoligizing to my mom and the nurse because I just knew I was wasting their time, HAHA! The nurse hooked my belly up to the monitors to see how the baby was doing and how close the contractions were and the duration of them.. well a few seconds later she said.. well sweetheart I'd say you're in labor.. I just sat there thinking yeah right.. At this time my mom was outside and my husband went with her well the nurse wanted to check my progress before she let me hop into the juccuzzi (I was sooo looking forward to this) right before she checked I said well if we're lucky I'll be at a 1.. I didn't think I could be any farther then that because the contractions basically felt like all the other times I had went in for preterm labor..Well, as she was checking she said.. "Very impressive Victoria" with a smile on her face. I asked her what she was talking about and she told me well you're already a 6! I said, "WHAT!? You're kidding right?" she just giggled and said she wouldn't kid about that.. At About that time my husband walked in the door and I put 6 fingers up and his face turned white! LOL! He went and told my mom and she thought he was kidding! Only because I had only been there about an hour. My nurse then decided she better check me for another 30 minutes before letting me hop in the juccuzi.. About 45 minutes later she unhooked the monitors and said okay after I check ya you're free to do whatever you wish but a few seconds later it was CHAOS!! She said, "Oh boy! You are about to push! You are a 9! We have to find your doctor!!!" she screamed to the nurse as Im freaking out well they FINALLY found my doctor as she came in the room my nurse is saying push for a count of 10 well I thought to myself well if I push 10 she'll go ahead 2 and back 1 (LOL) So I said to hell with that and pushed for as long as I could! so finally my doctor knew I wasn't going to listen and said just push when you feel the need! 20 minutes later our beautiful baby girl was in my arms!! Josh and I were in tears!!

My whole labor was only 6 1/2 hours, I was only at the hospital for about 2 hours, Pushed for about 20 minutes and had one awesome natural birth experiance!!

Maylea Isis
DOB 10/14/00 at 2:02pm
6 ibs 13 oz & 20 In

Thank you so very much for letting me share my experiance with you! If you have a page of your little one(s)or a birth story please email me the link as I would truly love to view it!
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