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Maylea's FIRST birthday

Our family right before we left for party..


Well, our baby girl is officially 1 yrs old on Oct 14th, 2001
at 2:02PM! It was an emotional day for mommy but I was sooo
Exciting for our baby girl! She had so much fun! We celebrated
At a local Pizzeria and everyone but only 2 ppl who we invited showed
Which meant the world to us all! We started the birthday out with
Some very yummy pizza! Maylea ran into a problem there and started
choking! She eats pizza all the time but I think she thought that
she would run out of pizza so she ate as fast as possible, haha!
After that incident we visited with everyone for a few and boy did
Maylea enjoy being the center of attention, haha! She was walking
Around strutting her stuff, it was sooo funny!
Next we opened presants which Maylea enjoyed! She loves all her
new toys and clothes..
Next came Birthday cake and my oh my! The pictures below tell the whole
Story, haha! She thought it was very yummy and managed to
get it ALL over herself! Cracked us up!
After the party a few friends and family came back to our home to
visit and share memories of the last year and this time last year
when our little miracle was born! Thank you to everyone again!
Hoping you all enjoy our pictures!
Sorry some are distorted but since I added so many I wanted it to
be as low of KB's as possible so the dl time didn't take too long..

Maylea's party decorations
Maylea's own personal cake!
Big Birthday Cake

Maylea and her daddy playing with the hats..
Josh put the Birthday hat on his nose and Maylea thought that
was the funniest thing and kept trying to take it off, haha!

Maylea in her Birthday Hat getting ready to party! Soo CUTE!

Maylea sitting with daddy enjoying the chair..mmmmm, haha

Maylea and her G'ma Gibson (Josh's Mom)


CAKE TIME! Watch out! We have one messy little girl! LOL!


Maylea Opening some of her presants

Thank you to all our dear friends and family who helped
make Maylea's first birthday such an enjoyable experiance
with tons of memories to cherish for a lifetime.. We love you!!


Our Friends and family who helped us Celebrate

Maylea after party playing with her bugy that
daddy and I bought her


Once again, Thank you so much to everyone who helped make
Make Maylea's very first birthday such an enjoyable experiance for
All of us.. Also, thank you to everyone who wished her such
Happy Birthday wishes =) We send our love and tons of babyhugz!

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