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Dear sweet angelbabies up above.. Please know that your mommy, 
daddy & sister love you dearly and you will forever be in our 
hearts.. You will always be our first, second & third little 
babies nobody will ever take that place.. We love you with all 
our heart & souls..

Here are some poems that touched my heart & I hope they do yours 
as well.. If you have experianced a loss of a child my heart goes 
out to you and your family.. Please know they are looking over you
and know how much you love them =)
Would never know 

Life is breathing, taking air,see with your eyes the one who cares. 
With your two little hands to hold and to kiss,10 little piggies to 
play games with. Two pink little lips to say the words "may I have a 
hug and a kiss",two little eyebrows that lift when I give you that 
kiss. When the time would come for me to hold you in my arms, 
something was wrong and the little one was gone, They took you away 
before i could say,"I love you my child and I'll keep you safe". 

(c) Tonya Emerick All Rights Reserved
Angel Baby #2 

Now is not your time, little one
Though it seemed your life had just begun.
I've learned before about these things
Sometimes even the tiniest angels get their wings.
It's difficult to know you're still inside me
But our second child you never will be.
We will not rush to the hospital to deliver you
Around the time that I would have been due.
Daddy will not count as he holds my leg
"Epidural, Please" I will not beg.
To set you free they will use a vacuum
You're the second angel baby removed from my womb.
Yes, you have a brother or sister awaiting you
Somewhere up above in the Heavens so blue.
And I too will join you someday, you see
When God decides to send for me.
Now is not your time, little one
But you will live on in my heart, sweet daughter or son.

(c) Sarah Kelly All Rights Reserved
 The Empty Womb 

I carried you so lovingly,
within my gentle womb...
and little did I realize,
your life would end too soon.

I never got the chance to say
"I love you, little one"...
before I held you in my arms,
your life on earth was done.

The grief is indescribable,
to lose a child this way...
all the many hopes and dreams,
just vanished on that day.

I know I'll see the sun shine bright
upon my baby's face...
when I finally get to heaven,
all my pain will be erased.

We'll soar the skies together,
as angels two by two...
we'll have a sweet reunion;
this mother's dream come true.

(c) Jill Lemming All Rights Reserved
A mothers Prayer 

An emptyness that I now feel,
since you left I love you still.
For you the pictures I have drawn,
but my pain goes on and on.

I miss you now, but your with God
And I know your near.
Listen as I pray at night,
for you will always hear.

If I had one wish come true,
My only wish would be for you.
To hold you in my arms once more,
Tell you I love you, forever and more.

And now my son if I may near,
Im saying that I love you dear
with all my loveing heart,
I'll never forget you,
I loved you from the start!

(c) Sara Gwaltney All Rights Reserved

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